Jay-Z Invests In... Chicken Wings

Jay-Z has conquered the rap game, the business of selling records and running clubs, and he managed to take the Single Lady off the market—so what's left? He's now invested in Buffalo Boss, a modest chicken wing spot at 554 Fulton Street. The joint was opened by his first cousin three months ago, according to the Brooklyn Paper, and since word got out this week about Jay-Z's involvement, business has increased 60%! His cousin, Jama White, calls it "The Oprah Effect," and says "business is booming... We got a lot of attention real fast.” (So booming that they recently rewarded outstanding students at a local school with free food!)

The paper also gives them a boost, saying their "investigative team" discovered their wings were top quality when they dropped by yesterday. (Yelp reviewers haven't been so kind.) But will Jay-Z being stopping in frequently? In 2009 he told Oprah that when he was young, his family ate "a lot of chicken, you know, because chicken's cheap. We had so much chicken—chicken backs, chicken everything... to this day, I can only eat small pieces or else I feel funny."

According to earlier reports, the wings are made from 100% organic chicken with no hormones or trans-fat, and an order of 10 will cost $8.

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