This country is no stranger to fast food innovations, like Cinnabon Chillatas or boneless fried chicken chunks. But it appears we've been totally beaten to the punch by our brothers across the Pacific, because McDonalds Japan just unveiled french fry cup holders for cars, and they're not available in America. Is this the thanks we get for inventing the McRib?

This snazzy little fry-holder, available to McDonalds Japan customers starting April 24th, is shaped like a classic red McDonalds container, except the cup is plastic and the golden arches seem to be on wheels. And it's convenient for fry-eaters on the go, clipping onto your dashboard so you don't have to hold fries on your lap as you cruise down the Shuto Expressway. The holder is free with a purchase of an extra-value meal and large fries, and it'll be available in Japan through the end of May. But again, how is this not available here yet?? This is the land of big cars and big people, and we shall not stand for this—we demand fry-holders, McDonalds, and they better be SUPERSIZED.