Photo by Tien Mao/Gothamist

Jacques Torres has brought out their summer ice cream offerings, and yesterday we got to sample the seasonal flavors, which include: Carrot & Celery, Sweet Corn, and Port Wine ice creams, and a Cucumber Mint sorbet. While we all anticipated devouring the Sweet Corn flavor, Gothamist staffers came out with an unexpected favorite: the Cucumber Mint!

The Cucumber Mint sorbet (which is made with the whole cucumber, skin and seeds included) was a crowd pleaser, with one staffer suggesting we save some for a vodka-spiked slushee drink, and another declaring it to be "super refreshing" with a "nice honeydew thing going for it." The Port Wine ice cream (made with real port from Kobrand) was unexpectedly good, as well... especially when mixed with the shop's famous Wicked flavor, which has a hint of gingerbread to it. Remember: don't ever be afraid to swirl around different flavors to make ice cream soup.

When asked about the Sweet Corn flavor, however, staffer Chris Robbins told us, the "corn was too dead-on corn. When I eat corn ice cream, I want to be reminded of eating corn on the cob, not transported via time machine to a picnic table in 1990 with kernels in my mouth." Jen Chung agrees, declaring the "flavors were too close to what the vegetable actually was. I think I would prefer like a vanilla with a sweet corn swirl, instead of full-on sweet corn." The Carrot Celery had similar but less harsh reviews, with Garth Johnston telling us, "I'm just not to into eating a mirepoix ice cream." (Yeah, we had to Google "mirepoix" too.) However, we think if you paired one of these with cookies for an ice cream sandwich, it would cut the flavors nicely.

Photo by Tien Mao/Gothamist

Jacques’ ice cream is available for sale in pints, for $7.50 each, or scoop: one scoop is $3.30, two scoops are $5.05, and three scoops are $6.30. And an ice cream sandwich will cost you $5.50. The ice creams are available at their DUMBO and SOHO locations.