The gifts French cuisine has bestowed upon us are innumerable: steak frites, croissants, onion soup gratin, wine in everything. But butter as a sandwich condiment deserves more recognition, which is why this butter fiend is excited about Le Petit Parisien, a new French sandwich shop that opened last week on East 7th Street within stumbling distance of McSorley's.

While the NYC sandwich motto can often feel like the kitchen sink variety, the two Parisian natives behind this humble sandwich spot aren't over-stuffing their baguettes. Some, like their namesake Parisien ($9) employ just two ingredients: bone-in cooked ham and butter. Another, the Napoléon ($10) is comprised of just saucisson sec, butter and cornichons, where are about as vegetable-focused as things get unless you add optional things like arugula and tomato.

"Louis XIV" (courtesy Le Petit Parisien)

But minimal ingredients don't always mean simple sandwiches, as evidenced by the Cousteau ($12.50) made with smoked tuna, fresh goat cheese, olive oil and thyme and the Louis XIV ($25), a decadent combination of fig confit and slices of foie gras. The latter will likely require something light and bubbly to wash it down; luckily, they're stocking the space with Effervé Lemonade ($4), some very fancy French sparkling lemonades that come in flavors including Pomegranate-Blueberry and Tangerine Lime.

32 East 7th Street, 917-262-0406; website

Le Petit Parisien Menu