Today's lovely heat is a good indication that we're really in the thick of summer, which means it's FINALLY time for the city's best frozen drink, Willie's Frozen Coffee. This bourbon-and-coffee filled slushie (topped with coffee grounds and even more bourbon) can be found at Skinny Dennis in Williamsburg, and at sister bars Rocka Rolla (also in Williamsburg) and Do or Dive in Bed-Stuy. It is amazing and, like all good things, named after Willie Nelson, so you must have one.

Here are two true stories about Willie's Frozen Coffee, i.e., Frozen Coffee, i.e., That Coffee Thing. In 2014, I celebrated my birthday by organizing a day of drinking at Rocka Rolla, but showed up hungover because I was at someone else's birthday party the night before. They had an open bar. I felt like I was going to die, but I managed to survive the day—despite the probably lethal combination of caffeine and booze—by drinking about eight frozen coffees. Hooray!

And last year I had another birthday party at Rocka Rolla, in which I promised to drink "ten to 12 alcoholic coffee drinks" until "they make me leave or my heart stops." I only made it through four before diving under a picnic table when my sister made everyone sing Happy Birthday. Aging really screws with your alcohol intake.

Anyway, Willie's Frozen Coffee is very good. Please bring me one by the end of the day. And maybe one for Nell, since it's actually her birthday today.