Oh great, here's another obituary because we haven't seen enough of this today! The mobile unit of popular coffee shop MUD will vacate its longtime spot in Astor Place after this evening, according to the blog Asshole At The Center Of The Universe. The cheery orange Mud Truck—which has been sporting a flashy silver suit of late—has been forced to leave its spot by a construction project slated for the area. Now why does this sound so familiar?

The truck has called Astor Place home since the early 2000s and a truck barista told the blog they're hoping to return with a brand new permit, though they conceded that the truck is "on its last legs." We put in a call to the cafe for further details about plans for the truck and whether it'll find a temporary home or be put out to pasture. Do All Broken Down Food Trucks Go To Heaven?

Luckily, one can still procure the mania-inducing coffee—notable not only for its extreme strength but for the signature steamed milk in lieu of the cold stuff—at the 9th Street cafe. But for commuters like this blogger—who may or may not have made special trips off the subway to procure a soy chai latte for the commute uptown—this is a very sad day.