Courtesy of 'wichcraft

'wichcraft sent some pumpkin sandwich samples over today so we could see if the product held up to our imagination's taste buds (which have pretty high standards). Here's what Gothamist staffers thought:

  • "Just a tad too cheesy, though the pumpkin chunks are pretty generous."
  • "Crispy bread pairs delightfully with the gooey mozzarella, while the crunch of the hazelnut brown butter was a nice touch. Pumpkiny sweetness would go perfectly with some spicy tomato soup or something."
  • "Very tasty! I could really taste the brown butter and I liked the texture of the sandwich, not too creamy. It had substance. I could have used more pumpkin flavor. I thought it got over-powered by the other elements."
  • "DELICIOUS. My only 'complaint' was the cheese. Not to question Collichio's skills, but I would have used a different one. The mozzarella was great because it's not overpowering, but it gets a little tough after its warmed (it should be noted these were delivered to us so there's travel time to take into account). So maybe a mild goat cheese, or something naturally soft?"

Overall, a top notch sandwich (that costs just $7.35), but could have used a tiny bit more of the star ingredient: pumpkin. Below is the recipe, so you can always adjust the proportions yourself if you want to make it at home. It's also worth noting the product delivered to us looked just like the press shot (which doesn't happen often!):

Jen Carlson/Gothamist