It was on this day in 1933 that America closed the book on the darkest chapter in our nation's history: Prohibition. Since then it's been our legal right as Americans to butt chug Lime-A-Ritas and create ridiculous flavored vodkas. Celebrate 80 years since our forefathers passed the 21st Amendment by tippling on a weeknight; it's the way they would have wanted it.

Your logical first stop would be Midtown's iconic '21' Club, which operated one of the most legendary speakeasies in the country. Thanks to ingenious fake wall in the restaurant's basement and a complicated evasion system, they were able to dodge FBI raids that plagued other illegal watering holes. Because of this, they were able to preserve nearly 2,000 cases of wine, some of which they still have today. To mark this most momentous of holidays, they're offering their "Jack Frost" cocktail (creme de violette, gin and lemon juice) at the modern-era pricing of $15, which you can procure in plain view at their less formal Bar 21.

Also in Midtown, Whiskey Blue offers a secret Moonshine Cocktail flight, which includes three drinks for $20. Like the days of yore, this special deal requires as password to redeem, so check their social media for the in.

The Bowery Hotel's bar Gemma mixes up a classic "Corpse Reviver" cocktail in celebration of Repeal Day. The potent $15 cocktails is "predominantly all booze," according to bartender Walter Easterbrook. The gin-based cocktail contains lemon roulet and orange liqueur served in an absinthe-washed glass. Good luck getting to work tomorrow.

Lauded cocktail den The Dead Rabbit boasts plenty of delicious boozy beverages, including all the classics from fizzes to juleps to punches. They're also very fond of the green fairy, and their weekly L'Heure Verte provides a happy hour unlike most others in the city. Sip discounted Pernod Absinthe cocktails and down $1 oysters, just like your ancestors might have done, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. this evening.

Across the river, the NY Distilling Company celebrates their right to make hooch with $2 gin martinis from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. at their cocktail bar The Shanty. If you can't arrive until later, you can still enjoy $10 Manhattans all night long plus some cheese and meat snacks to stave off your inevitable Friday morning hangover.