When the Four Loko ban was going down (four days to go!), we had ourselves a good laugh with some "What next? Banning energy drinks/making everyone drink nothing but warm milk?" jokes. But we've learned our lesson, because apparently even thinking such ridiculous things turns them into terrifying realities. A proposal is currently in front of Suffolk County Legislature that could ban anyone 19 and under from buying energy drinks—just regular, non-alcoholic energy drinks, that never hurt anybody. (Oh, wait.)

County legislator Lynne Nowick told NBC 4, "These drinks can potentially be dangerous for teens. Why put foreign things in your body when you don't know what's going into them? The drinks are not regulated." Zahrine Bajwa, who educates children on the alleged health risks of energy drinks, shockingly agreed. "Would you give your child a cigarette? No, because it's not good for them," said Bajwa. "It's the same with these energy drinks because they are not good for your kids." We can just ignore the prospect of an 18-year-old being able to buy a pack of cigarettes but not an energy drink for now.

The American Beverage Association isn't too happy about the proposed ban, saying, "Energy drinks contain about half the caffeine of a similar size cup of coffeehouse coffee. To be consistent, coffeehouses would have to start carding customers before serving them coffee." Don't give them any ideas! Though this will sure be nice for the parents, not having the responsibility of teaching their kids about eating healthily. We wonder what else they'll do with their time.