They may be lauded for their reasonable prices but dumplings aren't just a lowbrow option for a quick bite—especially with a Nobu vet doing the steaming. That's the story behind East Wind Snack Shop, a brand new chopsticks spot in Windsor Terrace specializing in dumplings, buns and other quickly inhaled Chinese foods. It's helmed by chef Chris Cheung, who in addition to his Nobu stint has also graced the kitchens at Jean-Georges and Ruby Foo's—but unlike those spots, nothing on this menu tops $12.

Of the signature snacks, there are Pan Fried Juicy Pork Dumplings ($5), Roasted Pork Baked Char Sui Bao ($3) and Salt & Pepper Vegetable Spring Rolls ($4). More substantial items include the Happy Buddha Vegetables ($8) steamed in a lotus leaf with lop cherng relish and jasmine rice plus Sweet Chili Ribs ($12) served with pickles and jasmine rice.

(courtesy East Wind Snack Shop)

The diminutive shop also doubles as a spot to pick up imported Asian products like Chocolate, Strawberry and Almond Pocky—those straw-shaped biscuits coated in sweet frosting—Hello Kitty cookies, Tiger Puffs and cutesy Yan Yan Dips in various flavors. They're also doing bubble iced teas in lychee and mango flavors, plus both hot and cold honey lemon sour plum drinks.

471 16th Street, Windsor Terrace, 929-295-0188; website