Back when we were little, we once ate lunch at the automat. We remember how cool it was to see all the food lined up in little cubicles, waiting for someone to pop in a quarter (or two).
What we don't remember, however, was the food itself. Most likely, this is due to the fact that the food was just that: unmemorable. But the reputation of automat food is about to change. Enter Bamn!, scheduled to open tomorrow on St. Mark's Place.


Bamn! is the brainchild of Robert Kwak, David Leong and Nobu Nguyen, who will be opening the first automat that the city has seen since the last one closed in 1991. Executive Chef Kevin Reilly brings his expertise from Zoe and The Water Club to lend an upscale element to the comfort-food menu. It has about three dozen items, most under $3, including mac and cheese pockets, roast pork buns, and sliders, all designed to be eaten on the go. Drinks, fries, and ice cream will be available at the counter. Bamn! is located at 37 St. Mark’s Place and will be open 24/7, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.