Restaurants have been breeding with butcher shops of late (see April Bloomfield's White Gold as a recent notable), ostensibly offering fresher cuts for in-house dining while also offering a valuable (and profitable) retail component. A&E Supply Co., which opened on 4th Avenue in Gowanus late last year, officially transitioned from daytime cafe and butchery to a hybrid serving dinner last night.

The owners are two North End Grill vets: chef Adam Harvey—who also worked at Union Square Cafe and learned the meat cutting trade at The Meat Hook—and general manager Ennio Di Nino. They've been running a butcher counter, daytime coffee shop and a bar in the evening, but now they're transitioning to full-time feeding with a walk-in dinner service—though they've been testing out some of the dishes on the locals, who all seem to be on board.

For a butcher shop, they certainly offer a lot of non-meat and seafood options. Raw dishes include a Local Fluke Crudo ($16) and the "Cold," salad-y section includes their version of a classic beets and goat cheese salad called "We Got The Beets" ($12) with frisee, orange vin, port and a chevre from Lively Run Dairy.

Back to the animals, there's an A&E Burger ($7) with beef heart, a Beer Can Chicken ($32) with a bbq spice rub, and their "Chicken Nugget Gnocchi" ($19) is already making headlines.

548 4th Avenue, (718) 635-3388;