Remember The Cronut Craze? Well, it's still a thing.

Yes, while you were rubbing away the remnants of Thursday night's binge from your bleary eyes, these enthusiastic pastry eaters were dutifully queuing outside of Cronut creator Dominique Ansel's Spring Street bakery. The chef estimates over 70 people were ready to receive


Cronut this morning, a modest attendance compared to the bakery's weekend congregation.

Last time we officially checked in on the Cronut line was during the January 2014 blizzard, where the bundled masses laughed in the face of Zeus's son to get their week's worth of butter.

Ansel is harnessing his creativity in other ways these days, but let us never forget that there's still no antidote for Cronut madness, which began TWO AND A HALF YEARS AGO. Be proud of all we've accomplished in the interim.