Watching the Olympics made Gothamist hanker for a messy souvlaki dripping in hot sauce. Luckily, Greek delights are just a train ride away. The Daily News looked at restaurants in Astoria that will bring you to the Meditarranean, if only just through a taste. Chowhound looked at the state of Greek restaurants in Astoria (part one, part two), and Citysearch has a section on Astoria. And if you're too lazy to take the N from Manhattan, there's Snack Taverna, which was named NY Magazine's top Astoria Alternative this year. Epicurious has a section on Greek foods to cook, and Gothamist Food tackled Greek wines, which rounds out meal options.

Also be sure to check out Gothamist Sports' Olympics coverage; for further beach volleyball examination, check out Tien's own site.