In a time when vegan and "vegetable-forward" restaurants proliferate with the speed of weeds, chef April Bloomfield's boldly striding against the tide with her latest restaurant, White Gold Butchers, that's doubling down on the meat. The combo restaurant and butcher shop will be "whole-animal, without exception," with Erika Nakamura, and Jocelyn Guest heading up the butchery operation, which services both White Gold and supplies ground meat for Bloomfield and restaurateur Ken Friedman's other restaurants.

The restaurant component employs the steakhouse model but doesn't limit itself to beef alone. Rotisserie chicken with green sauce and porchetta could be part of the lineup, alongside beef cheek and heart, lambs ribs and even salmon. As with all seasonally-minded restaurants, things will change depending on availability, but look for small plates like fried delicata squash with pecorino romano and sides including garlicky kale, smoked beans, and white rice doused in drippings.

Prior to opening, the restaurant's gourmet Chopped Cheese was buzzed about in dining circles, causing some controversy, but not enough to banish it from the restaurant once it opens, which will be November 1st.

The butcher shop's ready to go as of today, however, with a complete lineup of expected meat cuts, plus house-made sausages, stocks, kombucha and rotisserie chickens.

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