2005_08_food_epcot.jpgAs New Yorkers we're used to a bevy of ethnic edibles - Jackson Heights alone offers Columbian, Indian and Italian dining options in mere steps of each other. But now, Brooklyn restauranteurs are taking the concept one step further - or to be more exact, one step less - bringing a mini-Epcot of sorts to the corner of Pacific and Smith Streets.

After launching the wildly successful Mexican joint Pacifico a couple of years back, Jim Mammary, Alan Harding and partners connected the hip dining room to their new storefront pizza parlor LaRosa & Son. And, now they've added another flavor into the mix - American comfort food - with the opening of Gravy. The homey diner-esque spot has opened to spotty reviews, but considering the group's track-record, Gothamist wouldn't be surprised to see them riding the gravy train soon with this new star-spangled banner addition to their U.N.-esque empire.