This Sunday, Brooklyn’s Twin Marquis will be teaming up with food and lifestyle influencers, HaoChiBu and NYchaobao, to treat hungry locals to a day of complimentary tastings and giveaways at the 2017 Twin Marquis Cold Noodle Tasting located at midtown’s Jasmine Chinese Cuisine. Twin Marquis of TMI Food Group will be sponsoring the entirely free event, all in the name of bringing attention to a darling staple of authentic Asian cuisine: the weather transcendent Cold Noodle. Attendees and special guests are invited to sample select preparations of various chilled dishes highlighting the flavorful noodle centerpiece. If you have been looking to puff up your culinary repertoire, don’t miss Twin Marquis’s fresh #hotsummercoldnoodles fest this weekend.

TMI’s journey began in 1989 by two Chinese American brothers in Chinatown, Manhattan. Twin Marquis’s main focus is to create fresh and better quality Asian noodles. With the promise to “bring happiness to your family,” Twin Marquis has experienced exponential growth over the years. In 2007, TMI became the first manufacturer of Asian food products in the U.S. to receive an ISO 22000:2005 certification, an international standard for food safety. Currently TMI continues to receive the highest level of International Food Safety System Certification FSSC 22000.  In 2012, TMI became an affiliate of South Korea’s conglomerate company, CJ Group.

RSVP for the 2017 Twin Marquis Cold Noodle Tasting here. Admittance is honored on a first-come first-serve basis.

2017 Twin Marquis Cold Noodle Tasting
Jasmine Chinese Cuisine
216 E 49th St, New York, NY 10017
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