logo1.jpgThere are those who stroll up to the bar and order their whisky with ginger-ale and a twist of lime -an enjoyable cocktail that packs a punch and goes down smooth. Then there are those who order the 86 proof whisky, neat – and don’t even think about polluting it with cubes of ice. For those who fall into the latter category, mark your calendars, because this Wednesday, have we got plans for you.

Whisky Live, one of the top Whisky magazines, will be hosting the Whisky event of the year at Tavern on the Green. The top producers will be showcasing the rare, the complex and the truly excellent whiskies from around the world. Some of the producers that Gothamist is excited to see are Dalmore, Woodford Reserve, Laphroaig and Glenmorangie (specifically the scotch aged in the Sauternes cask). In addition to throwing back the good stuff, there will be great food, seminars lead by the great producers and what would a whisky event be without the festive sounds of MacTalla Mor, the latest in Celtic rock?

For those who are just starting to love whisky and those who dream in amber, this event should be one not to miss. Tickets cost $95, slightly steep, but Gothamist plans to drink three times that in alcohol. We’re excited to try some great whiskies this week, but even more than that, there’s something about going to a whisky tasting that is energetic, dynamic and pure – Whisky fans tell it like it is, and the spittoon -- well, that’s just reserved for the whiskeys that don’t make the cut.