We can't help but be fascinated by Urban Outfitter's transformation from overpriced fauxhemian retailer to hip hang-out spot, and therefore feel compelled to note the new coffee bar arriving at the chain's Midtown location next week.

Savvy corporate minds have finally deduced that the number one reason that the kids stop shopping is rack fatigue—even the nimblest hipster hands begin to numb after sifting through the 1,000th rack of graphic jeggings. What will keep them there longer, minds sufficiently fuzzed that they're lulled gently into impulse buying a Beavis and Butt-head area rug? Coffee.

Starting on October 7th, Wisconsin-based Kickapoo Coffee Roasters will serve their wares from the chain's Fifth Avenue location. According to Sprudge.com, the coffee bar will be tucked into the back, wedged betwixt the sale flannel and the hand-woven nooses.