It's always fun to find all the familiar names floating around the state Department of Taxation and Finance's lists of the top 250 tax delinquent businesses and individuals—Strip House! Lansky's (RIP)! Hahm Ji Bach! And this year, it looks like one of the city's most celebrated pizza restaurants is struggling when it comes to paying off Uncle Sam—a company associated with Roberta's in Bushwick appears to owe the government roughly $480K. Guess those $700 mesh tanks can't quite sate the Tax Man.

The recently-released tax delinquent business list [pdf] includes a company dubbed "NINETEEN TWENTY FOUR, INC." which was listed for a docketed balance amount of $479,724.14. Further research revealed that the business name Nineteen Twenty Four, Inc., registered to an address at 271 Moore Street in Brooklyn, has been used in connection with Roberta's on a number of occasions, including in a lawsuit [pdf] filed against former owner Chris Parachini in February, and on this state Department of Labor recruiting event listing.

We reached out to Roberta's multiple times to see if the owners could shed any light on their allegedly delinquent taxes, but have not heard back. James Gazzale, a spokesman for the state's tax department, confirmed that Nineteen Twenty Four, Inc. in fact owes the state $482,085.71, with two warrants outstanding for corporate tax and sales tax. A source familiar with the list noted that it's not uncommon for businesses to collect sales tax from customers that they then fail to pay back to the government—it seems that that's what happened here.

Roberta's, which has suffered not just one but two high profile lawsuits this year, isn't the only recognizable name on the tax department's shit list. Restaurants like the aforementioned Hahm Ji Bach, Strip House and Tatiana, along with now-shuttered tiki bar PKNYare all named on the business list. Restaurant proprietors like Nello Balan (Nello), David Ruggiero (now-shuttered Lansky's and Sushi-a-Gogo), and Chris Reda (The Griffin) are on the list of delinquent individuals [pdf] in connection with various projects.