A few years ago, the reusable grocery bag "trend" hit the city. People were lining up for designer bags at Whole Foods (even though they probably soon filled with bacteria). Stores like Ikea began charging for plastic bags, and Whole Foods banned plastic altogether. But one location of Queens grocery chain Trade Fair is fighting back, and posted this sign banning all reusable bags from the premises. What gives?

One employee speculated it was to "keep people from stealing things," and over the phone another employee told us, "some people, they bring the bags inside and they steal the stuff and they go out." However, the policy doesn't seem to be terribly enforced; we spotted the sign after carrying our groceries out in two tote bags yesterday. But why just reusable bags? The employee told us carts, purses and other bags are still allowed, and it's just the "green, reusable bags" that seem to be banned, even if customers only use them to carry their purchased groceries out of the store. But she assured us, "People still use them. They don't pay attention to the sign. You can bring your bag, don't worry."

Still, it seems a little harsh to punish the environmentally conscious customers (or customers who have way too many plastic bags at home) for the crooks' misdeeds. They should really be going after the shoppers with baggy pants.