Just as Tyra Banks discovers gourmet food vendor trucks, Blackbook has joined the growing backlash against their trendy proliferation. It's yet another article that looks at the turf wars between the arriviste artisanal food trucks and the old-school hot dog and kabob guys. But at least this one comes with a clever neologism: "vendrification," which is what happens when the new upscale trucks start "shaking up the culinary terrain of the streets."

By casting a sympathetic eye toward the struggling hot dog vendor, writer Katie Robbins signals the shift in foodiot attitude toward the gourmet trucks. Just as artsy hipsters can't tolerate certain neighborhoods once enough frat boys move in, we expect a post-Tyra food truck future to include bearded bespectacled types "keeping it real" by queuing up for kebab. Or maybe people will just keep eating what tastes good.