New York magazine delves into a hot button topic: Are dollar-a-drink tips too little? An 89 year old bartender from the Algonquin thought that dollar tips were popular in the 60s, and which some number crunching and comparison of drink costs today versus a few years ago, tips should be around the $1.28 range (not that people are leaving change along with their tips). New York spoke to some people at a few bars whose tips ranged from $1 to $2, with some hilarious answers to questions like "would you tip in change?" ("Oh, get fucked...") Gothamist does generally tip $1 per drink, especially when it's something as straightforward as a beer or a simple mixed drink, but we bump it up if the bartender is making some sort of complicated girly drink or if we've bombarded him/her with six different drinks orders for our group. One way bartenders could make more in tips is for bars to start charging 50 cents, but that would probably make everyone more crazy.

Do you have a system for bar tipping? And here are some Gothamist posts on tipping in restaurants (even Chinese ones) and with delivery people.