For those people who aren't happy unless their brunch is made with the most expensive ingredients, New York's best appetizing store has just the thing. For a limited time Russ & Daughters is selling Wild Baltic Smoked Salmon from the Bronholm coast of Denmark. According to the shop the fish will wow you with its "rich smoke, velvety texture, and champagne color." And if that doesn't do the trick, the price will.

Which is to say, this fish will run you $51.96 per pound. If we conservatively guess that you can get eight, three-slice servings from that pound o' pesce—how it breaks down really depends on which clerk cuts your fish—this means you'll be paying about $2.16 per slice. Which we guess makes sense as Russ is the "exclusive importer of this salmon, from a small multi-generational artisanal smokehouse on the Bornholm coast of Denmark." For comparison, the Gaspe Nova and the Scottish Smoked Salmon at R&D goes for $35.96 per pound while the Gravlax there is $33.96 per pound.

If you want to get your mitts on some of that pricey fish, they recommend you "stop by the shop soon, or call us at 212-475-4880 to place an order, before it’s too late."