Move over "Best Pizza" debate, there's something new we'll never all agree upon! Best Bagel. Serious Eats sent carb-lovers to the three most "bagel-happy boroughs" (allegedly Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens) to pick up some fresh samples and conduct a blind taste test. To keep things equal, they were all consumed plain and untoasted. Spoiler alert: Dunkin' Donuts didn't come in last. For shame, New York. For. Shame.

Some other surprises, the control group says, "Once schmeared, there's nothing wrong with a good old H&H Bagel. But on their own ... found them dense and sweet." And over at Ess-A-Bagel they're allegedly serving up "funky, almost moldy-tasting" bagels.

Amongst the best of the best were Terrace Bagel (in Windsor Terrace), Murray's in Manhattan and Hot Bialys in Flushing; but unsurprisingly varying opinions seemed to make it nearly impossible to declare a #1 Bagel in NYC. The site ultimately did claim one victor, however: the Bagel Hole on 7th Avenue in Brooklyn. They declared, "It made a satisfying crunching sound when I bit into it; the exterior actually required the use of my teeth; it was a lovely dark brown color; it was moist and almost light on the inside, and it wasn't absurdly large." Plus they have the advantage of all that Brooklyn water.