Yesterday, pizza aficionados were stunned and saddened by the news that the original—no, really—Ray's Pizza is set to close at the end of this month. it?

Ray's, at 27 Prince Street, is reportedly the victim of a complicated real estate battle between family members with opposing interests in the space, which also holds an Italian restaurant and apartments in addition to the pizzeria. Current owner Helen Mistretta, a 79-year-old cousin of the original owner Ralph "Ray" Cuomo (who spent the later years of his life in prison for alleged mob ties), says the pizzeria will close down after the San Gennaro festival winds down on September 25, unless star customers like Leonardo DiCaprio or Mark Wahlberg step in to save the joint. (A Ray's-Walhburger double-header, anyone?)

She is looking into the possibility of finding a new space for Ray's, whose thin-yet-sturdy crust and tangy tomato sauce make it a favorite amongst pizza lovers. But does she even need to? A Ray's staffer we spoke to this morning briskly snapped at us: "No, the store's not closing, so whaddya want to know?" Interesting. The final word will be revealed next week, but in the meantime, it's probably not a bad idea to get your slice fix now...just in case.