As dozens of New Yorkers cling to their monitors and tearfully pay homage to the "Time to Make the Donuts" guy in preparation for eleven(!) Dunkin' Donuts locations closing their doors, others are simply refusing to even bear (claw) the thought of patronizing the Canadian Tim Hortons stores that will now be runnin' in Dunkin'. One Upper West Sider told the News, "It's not American. I can't do it." As the Dunkin' in Penn Station started getting disassembled today, one Brooklyn Heights man laments, "I just wanted a cup of coffee. Now I don't know where to go." Hopefully if Tim's 100 gallons of free coffee at that spot Monday is not enough, he'll be able to track down one of the 427 Dunkins within 10 miles. Canadians seem to be enjoying their loon's eye view of our newfound Donut Wars, as a Tim's spokesman shills away, "In Canada, Tim Hortons is a religion so I don't see why it can't be the same kind of situation here."