SCRATCHbread and their amazing egg sandwiches went to the great skillet in the sky last year, but is the Bed-Stuy restaurant poised for resurrection? Owner Matthew Tilden launched a crowdfunding campaign a few months back to bring his vision for a cookbook to life. Now, he's saying if the campaign's successful, he'll be bringing SCRATCHbread back to Brooklyn where it belongs.

"I had a meeting over the weekend with someone who can help make that happen," Tilden said through an email to his newsletter subscribers. "The deal is, if we can finish this campaign and I can get back to Brooklyn before the end of summer in fighting shape, we're going to move forward in bringing SCRATCHbread back."

Tilden shuttered the eatery in October of last year, citing financial woes and exhaustion. "It's bullshit I have to destroy the most important thing in my life," he said at the time, while simultaneously promising he'd "still be there with fucking bells on" once things calmed down. Since then, he's been on a kind of spirit quest, "driving across the country, soaking up food culture, learning what people are eating and why."

We've reached out to Tilden for more information about a possible return for SCRATCHbread, including whether it'll re-occupy its former home on Bedford Avenue in Bed-Stuy. We'll update as soon as we know more.