Earlier this month, a woman dining at the New Garden Chinese restaurant in Far Rockaway bit down on something hard in her fried fish and brown rice. It was a tooth. "I thought it was my tooth at first, and then I realized that it definitely was not mine," Renita Holliday tells The Wave. "I was confused as to what it was because it definitely did not look human, so I brought the tooth to my dentist. He told me that it was a canine’s tooth."

Holliday took the tooth to the local police, but they didn't exactly rush over to the restaurants with sirens blaring. For justice, she had to go to the Health Department, which has reportedly sent an inspector to investigate.

Holliday believes that New Garden is either cooking with dog meat or is letting dogs too close to the food prep area. We're waiting for the Health Department to get back to us, but this obviously wouldn't be the first instance of a Chinese restaurant serving... unusual meat. (In China, the government is banning the use of dog meat as food.) Back in Queens, Holliday is suing the restaurant for $25,000.