2005_07_food_moviepopcorn.jpgOn hot summer nights Gothamist adores hunkering down in an air-conditioned movie theater to watch the latest flick o' the moment. And, what's a trip to the cinema without a trip to the concession stand?

Who can resist the traditional combo of a gargantuan barrel of soda complimented by a trough of buttery, salty popcorn? Apparently, plenty of folk.

Gothamist is noticing that more and more gourmand fare is finding its way onto local movie theater menus - and we're not just talking about art house theaters like the Angelika either. For example, the more mainstream Pavilion Brooklyn Heights Cinema now features Chocolate Bar's wildly decadent, gourmet Retro Bars alongside the usual Twizzler and popcorn offerings. (And, Tom Cruise be damned - Gothamist has to admit that the Peanut Butter Carmel Retro Bar was actually more enjoyable than War of the Worlds!)

What's the most unusual, high-falutin foodie item you've seen at your local movie theater's concession stand?