Redbeard of Life in Flow and Food Porn Watch is hosting the latest incarnation of "Is My Blog Burning?", the monthly worldwide distributed food-blogging event. This month's theme is dumplings, and as you all know, Gothamist Hearts Dumplings. We encourage all foodies, bloggers and non-bloggers alike, to participate. Here are Redbeard's rules:

  • Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute - you need not be a dedicated food blogger (lord knows I'm not!)
  • As the theme is dumplings, please, make dumplings of any shape, type, filling, or variety!
  • The date for this IMBB is Sunday August 22nd 2004. You do not have to make these your dumplings on that day, just post them on that day to your blog, webjournal, or what have you. Please include a picture. We all want to drool over you creations and be inspired to make them ourselves!
  • If at all possible, please include a recipe so that we can indeed attempt them in our own kitchens.
  • Once your entry has been posted email me with a link.

We're getting hungry already.

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