Too Many Chefs is hosting the upcoming Is My Blog Burning (IMBB)?, a monthly event which invites chefs around the world to post their photos and experiences cooking a dish all based on a theme. This month's IMBB? is set for July 18th, and focuses on grilling.

You do NOT have to be a food blogger to participate. All bloggers are welcome. In fact, non-bloggers are welcome as well! If you do not have a blog, but have some barbecue or grill secrets you're dying to share, then send them to us at and we'll be happy to post an entry for you.

Luckily, IMBB? realizes that not everyone can grill, especially those of us in NYC apartments, which often have regulations prohibiting grills on roofs and terraces, and has made allowances to include food prepared on a grill pan indoors or "anything with barbecue sauce on it." You can also prepare your meal on one of the grills in the city's parks -- call 311 to find the location of a grill near you.