In what seems to be part of a trend of awkward, possibly offensive corporate cafeteria menus, Citigroup is the latest company to raise some eyebrows with its staff Black History Month meal. Last year, ?uestlove of The Roots raised questions about a Black History Month meal in the NBC cafeteria, which featured fried chicken, collard greens, corn bread, black eyed peas. The drummer tweeted about it, and the sign announcing the menu was quickly removed. Now it's Citi's turn to backpedal!

The Citigroup cafeteria menu at the Black History Table features the de rigueur fried chicken and collard greens. Of course, Dealbreaker notes that "Citi executives didn’t personally come up with the items for this menu, being served at 383 Greenwich. That was the job of the people who run the bank’s cafeteria, Restaurant Associates." Nevertheless, Citigroup is still probably going to want to make another donation to the Library of Congress's African-American collections. Or at least put out a press release reminding everyone that the chairman of Citi's board, Richard Parsons, is black—and CEO Vikram Pandit's best friend is totally black, too!