Beer-soaked Dance Dance Revolution junkies, rejoice! You might not have to go all the way to Times Square to get your sweat on anymore! A giant "Dave & Busters"-style "entertainment mecca" might be coming to downtown Brooklyn soon, right across the street from the Barclays Center. After reading the very excited online ad the property's owner posted today today, what "Chuck E. Cheese with beer"-style chain wouldn't want to move in?

"Barclays Arena/can you handle 80,000 customers a NIGHT?" asks the ad (although the Brooklyn Paper points out that the arena only seats about 18,000). "Perfect for 'Dave & Busters' type entertainment/restaurant operation...New Glass Front facade in the works. How about neon or digital behind glass, aimed at the crowds streaming into the Barclays Arena? Our architect calls it a "Sexy space"....we call it a freakin GOLDMINE for the right user!" the ad continues.

While it's all very speculative right now as to who will ultimately move in, one interesting twist to the story is that the property's owner, Henry Weinstein, was an early opponent of Atlantic Yards project. Now, he seems to have changed his tune, saying "There’s no stopping progress." And there's no stopping those sexy neon lights, either—bring on the DDR!