Andy Ricker's Whiskey Soda Lounge shuttered over the weekend, and now Carla Hall's Southern Kitchen will be taking its place—in a neighborhood Hall has identified as Cobble Hook. Perhaps you have a few questions.

What was Whiskey Soda Lounge? Whiskey Soda Lounge, located at 115 Columbia Street, was little more than a Pok Pok dumping ground, the place across the way where harried staff would encourage you to pass the nine hour wait for your table. Its loss means not much for the neighborhood, as Ricker's sprawling empire continues to dominate Columbia, with Pok Pok and Pok Pok Phat Thai still just a short stumble away.

What is Carla Hall? Carla Hall is a Taurus, former Top Chef contestant and co-host of some ABC show called "The Chew." Whiskey Soda's body isn't even cold yet, and already she's shoved it aside to make room for Carla Hall's Southern Kitchen, which will serve Nashville-style hot chicken. She raised $264,703 for this endeavor via Kickstarter.

What is the worst thing Carla Hall has ever done? I cannot attest to Carla Hall's chicken, but unless she seasons it with ground-up baby otter or has some un-Google-able past as a suicide cult leader, the worst thing Carla Hall has ever done is coin the term "Cobble Hook," an offense for which she should be stripped of her chef's hat and pushed into the Gowanus.

Will Carla Hall ever actually open this restaurant? Ehh. The neighborhood has been waiting for Toby's Public House to open down the street for at least a year. Hop Shop finally debuted months late, but still isn't serving the gourmet hot dogs owners initially promised. So we'll believe Carla Hall's Southern Kitchen when we see it.

Where is Cobble Hook? Cobble Hook is a figment of Celebrity Chef Carla Hall's unwell mind, which, along with the rest of her, resides in Washington D.C. , rendering her somewhat unqualified to rename Brooklyn neighborhoods.

(h/t Eater and DNAinfo)