Original photo by Sam Horine/Gothamist

Brooklyn Crab opened over a month ago in Red Hook with a lot of buzz surrounding it (though some people were already apprehensive before they opened for business). Since then they've earned one of the lowest Yelp ratings in the land of Brooklyn. Given that it's not so easy to find fans of this place, we decided to dig deeper into the general population's complaints—your voices are being heard, disgruntled seafood lovers!

The complaints tend to be the same: the service is bad, the wait is way too long, and the food is mediocre. It's a triple threat that could sink the ship, so why haven't swift changes been made? In late June—the same night that Jim Cramer visited and called the place out for "terrible (non-existent) management and awful food"—Gothamist publisher Jake Dobkin also dined there. He recalls, "Brooklyn Crab combines the fun of waiting in line for two hours with the satisfaction of paying $50 per person for sub-par seafood. If you love Red Lobster, but feel like it doesn't have enough Brooklyn hipsters milling around outside, this place could be for you. If, on the other hand, you enjoy eating good seafood and prefer your food to arrive before 10:30 p.m., go to the Red Hook Lobster Pound ten blocks away, which is a far superior experience."

Yelp reviewers have consistently been doling out 1 to 2 stars for the joint, from their opening through as recently as yesterday. Here are some of their thoughts on the place:

  • "This place will definitely be closed by 2013." — Grace P., 1 star
  • "Great food can often help you overlook poor service. For Brooklyn Crab, they had neither. And to top it all off, we left the restaurant still hungry after spending $115 between two people!!!!! I will never return to this restaurant." — Jason C. 1 star
  • "After attempting to eat at Brooklyn Crab the first time and having to leave in shame and humiliation we went back because we were sure the service and waiting problems had improved. WRONG! Not only were we told no tables were available for hours (despite all the empty ones right in front of us) the hostess treated us as if we were an imposition.Fool me once, Brooklyn Crab, shame on you. Fool me twice, Brooklyn Crab.. you just suck." — VS, 1 star
  • "I went here with such low expectations that I was pleasantly surprised and grateful when we weren't thrown over the deck for even attempting to dine there... but it just wasn't that great a place." — Sasha Y., 2 stars
  • "I hate to have to continue this low-score trend, but this place is a mess." — Lauren W., 1 star
  • "I can count on one finger the number of times in my life I have left at $0.00 tip. That one finger is my middle finger, Brooklyn Crab. No need to run through the litany of horrors; I experienced all of the indignities that my fellow yelpers have mentioned and more." — Jennifer B, 1 star
  • "I understand growing pains, but this is the most poorly managed establishment I have ever seen in my life..." — Sasha B., 1 star

We contacted Brooklyn Crab to find out if they would be making any changes, given the barrage of complaints that they are surely aware of, and will update if we hear back. It would be great if they could make it work, because this is a great space in a great location.

UPDATE: Justin Warner of Do Or Dine, whose food we love, chimes in:

Warner also told us, "My consultation fees are low, and I had very high hopes for them. Great idea, location, building." Brooklyn Crab, get on this offer!