What do tourists like more than walking slowly in bunches, visiting Ground Zero, buying fake handbags in Chinatown, and wearing socks with sandals? Eating at restaurants they can find at home! The Post is reporting that IHOP (aka the International House of Pancakes) is in talks with Vornado to open a location at 1540 Broadway (btwn 45th and 46th). It would be the 2nd Manhattan location for the chain - the first location opened in 2004 at 135th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard in Harlem.

The space is 23,000 square feet and would have two levels for dining. An IHOP spokesman told The Post that they're "constantly looking for new locations." If they open the location, Times Square will be the happening place for tourists. Breakfast at IHOP, lunch at McDonald's, dinner at Red Lobster. It's like their own little mecca. A mecca with menus as large as America's waistlines.

View of 1540 Broadway via Google Maps Street View