NIMBYish Bronx residents are very offended that Bronx Cheers, a liquor store in Morris Park near the Yeshiva University Campus, has provided a tailgating tent to protect its new overnight security guard from wind and rain.

According to CBS, neighbors are finding the tent not only "unusual," but also "irritating."

"I think it's kind of tacky," local business owner Lawrence Occhino told CBS. "I think it's unprofessional." Another neighbor accused the store's owner of turning "this place" into a "third-world refugee camp." At least nobody's blowing this whole thing out of proportion.

After a bit of muckraking, CBS determined that the guard, a man named Glenn Hearn, has been working nights as the liquor store's security since the store opened over Fourth of July weekend. Every night he sets up the tent, and every morning he breaks it down. Cheers, which doesn't have a ConEd hookup, has been relying on a generator to power its 3,650-square-foot store during the day, and on Hearn to ward off break-ins at night.

ConEd spokesman Alfonso Quiroz confirmed that Cheers' owner Shana Sakow complained to ConEd about her lack of electricity on August 6th. It turned out that, as a new customer, she had yet to cover some "basic costs." Sakow made the payment on the 7th, prompting an inspection on Tuesday. However, Cheers didn't pass the inspection, due to a previous electrician's faulty hookup.

"I don't know if I would call it a typical situation," said Quiroz this morning. "If someone has a home up in Westchester, and there's a storm, they'll use a generator. But I've never heard of a situation like this." It's like SYRIA, Quiroz. Just. Like. Syria.