The guys at J&D's Foods make a living making bacon everything (BaconSalt, Baconaise, Bacon Popcorn, Bacon Lipbalm, Bacon coffins—none actually using bacon) so clearly they are the perfect people to make a bacon reality show, right? Well, right or wrong, it is happening. The company's founders, Justin Esch and Dave Lefkow, say they are working with producer LMNO to sell a reality show about living the pork life.

Considering the company's love of a good stunt (we're still bitter last year's April Fool's, BaconAir, wasn't real) we can totally see how a show about Esch and Lefkow could be entertaining, at least at first. This week, the guys make bacon-flavored edible underwear! Or, perhaps, television viewers will discover that you can actually have too much bacon in your life. Just ask the folks above the East Village IHOP!

Meanwhile, our favorite J&D's product remains the lipbalm. Nothing like smacking on a little Kosher "pig" to keep your lips feelin' fine.