The Post has an outraged article about a vegetarian dish at East Village restaurant Northern Spy Co.: "This is what New York dining has come to — $18 for an entree of three roasted carrots... [this] all-veggie dish comprises three skinny roasted carrots, wild spinach and freekeh (a green grain), and almonds."

Chef Haley Schmitt tells the Post the entree, which involves pan-roasting the carrots, is worth it, "It generally comes down to, ‘Wow, these carrots taste really good! What can we do with them?'" And to counter criticism that carrots are pretty cheap so what gives about the price, co-owner Chris Ronis says, "There’s always the question why one restaurant might have a $6 burger and another restaurant has one for $25. “There’s a lot more that goes into a plate. In our case, the prices come down to the ingredients we use — far more than you would find in another carrot dish — and that includes putting a lot of technique into it, labor time and staff. We would never overcharge. The price is fair." Right—like why are some bartenders charging for drinks with ice? And further, why go out at all—it's cheaper to complain about food being expensive when you're at home!

Anyway, Time columnist and meat lover Josh Ozersky complains, "Such is the perversity of vegetarians — you can’t tell whether it’s a gift or an insult. My favorite meat is lamb fat. My philosophy is that the fat is the meat and the meat is the vegetable." Of course, Ozersky was diagnosed with gout three years ago, so take his thoughts with a grain of metaphorical salt.