For a little bit there with all that rain it looked like Hurricane-turned-Tropical Storm Irene was going to ruin one of the great New York traditions: Brunch. But then something magical happened. Before the morning was over the worst of the rain had passed and New Yorkers started hankering for their Eggs Benny and Marys Bloody. And many of the city's eateries, recognizing money on the table, opened their doors for the hungry masses. And that, people? That is why we love this town.

Though the Gothamist staff totally expected to be making our own poached eggs on Sunday at least two members of our team decided to brave the winds rather than cook for themselves. "We walked around for a while," said one, "and found a hole-in-the-wall Mexican place that was open and serving and clearly understaffed. I felt kind of guilty going out and making other people cook for me in bad weather but my friend convinced me they needed the business."