Say goodbye to boring old one-trick pony pizza boxes, and hello to the Swiss Army knife of cardboard pizza receptacles! It was 20 years ago that William Walsh, 42, ripped off a piece of a pizza box to give to a college buddy to use a plate. Now, after two decades of tinkering, necessity (or laziness) has become the mother of invention: Walsh has created GreenBox, which he hopes will revolutionize how Americans consume pizza.

The top of Walsh's box comes off and separates into four plates, while the bottom folds in half and becomes a new box for leftovers—taking up half the refrigerator space as a full-size box. Walsh is shopping the 100% recycled box around to vendors, and he says GreenBox can help save the environment by reducing paper plate waste. Of course, the powerful pizza box industry is probably going to break Walsh's legs over this, just like how the oil industry made sure water-powered cars never saw the light of day. Below, see the GreenBox in action!