Musical Bananas; Photo: Fresh, via

Some people are very excited about the Jamba-ization/Juicing of NYC, with the arrival of many Jamba Juice locations. Gothamist didn't believe Curbed's reports of "Live Bananas" on 42nd Street (everyone knows that bananas are inanimate, duh!), but now we are believers. Gothamist Weather's KP posted a photograph his friend, Fresh, (what a wonderful, collaborative world this is) took of, yes, live bananas on Broadway and 50th. They were even playing the bongos! All to celebrate Jamba Juice moving to Times Square; according to KP, Jamba Juice doesn't do traditional advertising, so it's mainly guerilla (ha!) tactics like dressing up as bananas, yelling, "Jamba! Jamba! Jamba! 42nd street!" Excellent. Gothamist will get our panda costumes ready.