The Waldorf-Astoria crew installed beehives on the tony hotel's rooftop a few years ago in the name of argricultural sustainability. And since then, those honeybees have been pollinating flowers, herbs, apple trees and the like in the Waldorf's impressive rooftop garden. The hotel's bars and restaurants utilize the produce in a number of dishes, and now they've gone and made a delectable beer packed with Waldorf honey. Life's really going to suck when all the bees are dead.

The 6.5% ABV beer, dubbed "Waldorf Buzz," is a joint effort by the Waldorf-Astoria and the Syracuse-based Empire Brewing Company. The traditional "English-style" brown ale was concocted by Empire's head brewer, Tim Butler—it's made with a mixture of Munich, crystal and brown malts, and a dash of noble hops, giving it a nutty, dark beer flavor sans the acidity of a strong stout. And of course, there's a healthy dose of honey: "We added honey into the fermenting beer so the yeast could catch the simple sugars," Butler told us.

Right now, the Waldorf Buzz is a onetime deal, though Frank Caiafa, beverage manager at Waldorf bar Peacock Alley, says they hope to make more seasonal beers using the Waldorf honey. And supplies are limited—Empire Brewing whipped up 12 kegs, using a total of 50 pounds of honey. For the next six weeks, you can sample a draft at Peacock Alley for $9—the beer is complimentary if you (or your rich relatives) spring for the eatery's decadent $98-per-person Sunday Brunch. Save the bees!