If you loved the Patrón XO Frozen S'Mores smoothie and spent pre-Easter week whipping up a few fried plaintain-and-Peeps dishes, boy, do we have a drink for you: Astoria bar Rocky McBride's will be serving Peeptinis this weekend, and they look sahweeeet.

But, seriously, sweet. The Peeptinis were invented by head bartender/manager Jenna Mascetti, and they're made with whipped vodka, Godiva white chocolate liqueur, a splash of cream and a dash of grenadine to give them that vibrant red color; Mascetti rims the glasses with red sugar, and adds a little Peep for garnish. These little goblets of glucose are only available this weekend, and they cost $7 a pop.

Mascetti will also be serving Blue Cottontails—cotton candy vodka, triple sec, and blue Curaçao and a splash of Sprite—for $6. We suggest pairing both drinks with a few PeepPuffs, or maybe even a BunnyCake, because, HEY, EASTER'S HERE, CHRIST IS RISEN, FEEL THE SUGAR RUSH, MAN. Rocky McBride's will be kicking off the Peeptinis tonight starting at 6 p.m., and Mascetti says she plans to make more Peeptinis for Halloween and Valentine's Day, so look forward to a bunch of cocktails outfitted with orange marshmallow ghosts in the near future; meanwhile, we plan on ringing in Passover Day 4 with a couple Kugel Sidecars of our own. L'chaim!