The nautically-themed Jane Hotel has opened up its roof to the general public this season. The swank indoor-outdoor lounge, appropriately dubbed "Sunsets," was once the domicile of RuPaul, though we're guessing the taxidermied monkey in a tux behind the bar is a new addition. Try not to stare too deeply into his dead, reproachful eyes as the bartender fixes you a drink—with any luck you'll forget all about that monkey once you step outside to confront that sweeping view of the Hudson River. Or maybe it will come for you in your sleep, who knows.

The cocktails are elegant and, at $14, priced less than you might expect, considering the Jane's reputation as a fashion model hotspot and the roof's prime location. The West Street Sunset (Tequila, Orange bitters, Blackberry brandy, Sparkling water, Splash OJ) delivers a refreshing, health-conscious kick, for starters, and if you're feeling extra flush, there's an $18 Lavender & White Peach Bellini you might enjoy.

But the main attraction here is the room and its view. Once upon a time the hotel, which was completed in 1908, catered exclusively to sailors (and, later, Titanic survivors), offering tiny rooms at an affordable rate. Those steep discounts are gone, but Georgian-style building is steeped in early-20th century history, from the ground floor to the octagonal corner tower bar, tastefully appointed with Persian rugs and clubby furniture.

The proprietors endeavor to avoid a shitshow by making the space reservations only—the capacity is just 70 landlubbers, so email well in advance. And note that this is not a late-night destination; the bar closes at 10 p.m. After that you can try your luck at the Jane's coveted lobby-level lounge, where e-cigarettes once reigned.

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Opening Thursday, May 15h // Hours: Thurs/Fri 5-10 pm; Sat/Sun 2-10 pm // Reservations required; email // 113 Jane Street