Situated in a very unassuming storefront on Sackett Street in Carroll Gardens, Hay Rosie is a craft ice cream shop about the size of your bedroom. While their ice cream is certainly worth stopping by for on its own, their newest item—called a barnburner—is packing folks into the small space. We dropped by earlier today to try it out, and a group that came in behind us showed the employees a photo of the item on Instagram—"I can get this here, right?" So basically, it's #TheNewCronut.

The barnburner is a warm ice cream sandwich, which consists of two slabs of homemade cookie dough stuffed with the ice cream flavor of your choosing (we picked sage vanilla chocolate chip). Once the dough is formed around the ice cream, it's placed in a molded press to heat it up—like a panini!—and served in a shallow paper bowl. It only costs $8, which, for its size, is a good deal. Just compare that price to their "miniature pints" selling for $7—"miniature pint is not a real size," our cohort pointed out. It looked to be about maybe two scoops.

If you get a barnburner, bring someone along—it's definitely sufficient for two people. Is that person you brought along Gluten Free? No worries, there's a gluten free version. The only criticism we have is regarding the ice cream to cookie dough ratio. There is not enough ice cream, and we ended up tossing the entire bottom half of the cookie dough sandwich because of that. That's probably for the best though.

Pro tip: for .75-cents more you can get it topped with a very generous dollop of sea salt whipped cream. And if you're not a fan of cookie dough, they've been trying out other options, including sticky coconut rice, and rice krispie (which was also available today):