After a long day of perusing such tantalizing exhibits as The Sex Lives of Animals and Rubbers: The Life, History & Struggle of the Condom, visitors to the Museum of Sex will certainly work up quite an appetite (or something). Rather than forcing patrons to enjoy the overly ironic wares of the hot dog stand across the street, MoSex now has a classy joint all its own, complete with a cafe, bar and ominous sounding "den."

Called "Play," (the site's URL is, which frankly isn't arousing so much as it makes us think of this), the new eatery offers museum-goers and hungry passersby alike an array of highbrow coffee and upscale sandwiches, and in the next month will boast a full bar and expanded menu, said Kyle Chang, Play's head barista.

The cafe, which opened on Tuesday, has plenty to keep salivating mouths occupied—The Italian tuna loin sandwich, for starters, comes bathed in white anchovy, calamata, capers and tomato mayo. Pastries are from Balthazar, and include such off-the-beaten path offerings as lemon olive oil cake with matcha and black pepper shortbread. Cringing puns are mercifully kept to a minimum, though Chang said that might change upon the arrival of the bar and den, which will feature some sort of whimsical cocktail pairings.

For those concerned about too closely associating food and...pleasure ("Sex and eating should be as far away from each other as sex and parents," said managing editor and office prude John Del Signore), well, Chang assures us we shouldn't worry.

"I think it's more a witty kind of thing, and we just kind of play along with it," he said. "This is a really casual environment."

The cafe, Chang reveals, is marked by white marble walls and "really beautiful" architecture, with large windows perfect for gazing into the street and contemplating the Struggle of the Condom. Glass doors will take visitors into the "den," which will be filled with couches and bookshelves and gimp cages nothing else, nothing else at all. Beyond that will be the full service bar, suitable for cozying up to your partner and discussing what to get your grandmother for Christmas or the ideal design for a dog sweater.

Play is located at 1 East 27th Street. For more information and to take a look at the full menu, click here.