Finally, a frigid basement where you can pay big bucks to pound icy booze and get your photo taken making shivering duck faces with your blue frostbitten lips! This spring, the place to be in midtown is Minus5° Ice Bar, coming to the New York Hilton Hotel. How excited are we? Not as excited as Florence Fabricant at the New York Times, who begins her report by declaring, "Global warming won’t matter once you step into the Minus5° Ice Bar." Man, we can't wait until Spring when everyone can finally stop caring so much about climate change... oh, right.

At Minus5°, which can already be found at two hotels in Las Vegas, all the furniture is made of ice, and even the glasses are made of ice. What's next, street signs INDOORS? Whatever! Wait, it gets better: at some times, in some locations, there is a giant bull carved out of ice. Here are many photos of model Laura Croft riding it. Here is America.

The Paper of Record reports that visitors "are given boots, hats and parkas, some with faux fur. There’s a basic fee (starting at $17 in Las Vegas), and various packages that include one or more drinks, and perks like photographs, for up to $75. Vodka is the specialty, but other libations, including beer, will also be served." If you can't wait until Spring to remind yourself what life was like before winter became extinct, here's our handy guide to other frozen bars around town.