This morning we complained about unhealthy snacks around the office, and shortly after a magical delivery appeared: these miniature vegan doughnuts, only delivering up to 25-calories a pop.

Vegan Divas, located at 1437 First Avenue (between 75th and 74th Street), offers up these "new guilt-free, bite-size doughnuts... packed with sweet flavors—but with only plant-based ingredients." Flavors include chocolate, cinnamon and Sri Lankan shredded coconut-iced varieties, which contain 20, 25 and 15 calories each, respectively. But how do they taste? Gothamist staffers chime in with mostly positive reviews:

  • "Totally delicious. Loved the flavor of the cinnamon one but didn't really strike me as a doughnut. Was more like a really moist muffin or cake."
  • "Not unpalatable, but very mushy—and I suspect whatever chemical process that allows you to make a donut without butter also causes some corresponding toxicity."
  • "Not that there is anything wrong with it, but it wasn't very doughnut-y. More like ring-shaped pumpkin bread."
  • "So moist and so low-calorie I would have eaten two dozen of them if my co-workers hadn't greedily inhaled them all."

The treats are a little pricey, 12 minis will set you back $17, and a 12 pack of full size doughnuts cost $36. All of the patisserie's offerings are cholesterol and lactose-free, devoid of animal products (including dairy, butter, cream, or eggs), and rich in fiber and protein. And if you're looking for a less-cakey vegan doughnut, Dun-Well Doughnuts has perfected the craft.